• Stanford Gibson

    Stanford Gibson

    Lover, father, believer, man-child, entrepreneur, author, filmmaker & Aikidoka

  • Kathy Bisbee

    Kathy Bisbee

    Next Iteration of participatory community media in VR, 360, AR. Hyperlocal content creation, collaboration, public accessibility, & digital inclusion.

  • Javier Chávez

    Javier Chávez

    Born and raised in Venezuela, living and working in Lima, Perú.

  • Mery Ward

    Mery Ward

    Leo, como, duermo.

  • Alex Karavaev

    Alex Karavaev

  • Michael Zaro

    Michael Zaro

  • Darrin Atkins

    Darrin Atkins

    writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.

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